15 World’s Most Mysterious Photographs and the False Stories Behind Them


One of the most intriguing things that people really enjoy looking at is a cryptic photo that portrays a weird and scary creature like a ghost. Such fascinating photos emerge mysteriously something which makes some people invest quality time studying them. The sight of such photos leaves us wondering if they are truly real or we are just trying to make them look real. We are often quick to disregard some things as mystical if they lack persuasive explanation. Then again, we quite often wish to lay our hands on spine-chilling and interesting stories from where we can get interesting storylines to discuss.

It will shock you to realize the number of people who consider these photos genuine. But, regardless of how genuine these photos look, ghost lovers and theorists often disregard them as fake. They consider the photos as mere coincidences resulting from double camera exposures. Some photos have proven to look like fairylike creatures staring directly at us though we couldn’t see them or weren’t willing to see them. Some photographs look quite persuasive such that even real cynics consider them real. What you need to know is, modified or fake photos aren’t just products of modern age Photoshop. Just like today, those who lived before the invention of the internet still enjoyed photo pranks.

Many of the mysterious photos you see online have been revealed. However, some photos are yet to be debunked and are likely to continue igniting debates all over the world for some time irrespective of our belief about their authenticity. Here, we will outline 15 of the mysterious photos of all the time and their fake backstories.

15. The Phoenix Lights

Since they debuted on 21ST April, the Phoenix lights have aroused different feelings and views among the public. They made all UFO fanatics to regard them as the handiwork of the aliens. While the Air Force didn’t provide any backup story to the Phoenix lights, people enjoyed looking at them. After the Phoenix lights hit the national media storylines, nobody was ready to disregard them as schemes produced by the aliens to attack the earth. However, such beliefs didn’t hold water for long as an anonymous come out of the blues and claimed that they were his handicraft. He said that he used road flares and helium balloons to produce the UFO lights. This guy showcased real creativity and most people loved his prank although others didn’t. The Air traffic controllers said that they didn’t notice anything strange on their radars and these lights weren’t connected to any aircraft. So, the Phoenix lights were all a hoax theory.