15 Terrifying things that were found in time capsules…

11. Cine-film from 1950s Mental Hospital

Construction workers stumbled upon a time capsule from 1958 on the premises of an abandoned mental hospital in Indiana. Inside there was a cine-film, showing people discussing the future of electroshock therapy and psychiatric drugs. Medical workers were positive that psychiatric science would rapidly progress in future, stating that “When future psychiatrists find this capsule, only then it will be possible to know how treatment problems were resolved, not only today but also in future. We are sincerely appreciative…”
Unlucky for us, a big chunk of audio from the cine-film was lost or damaged over time; however, it is still possible to hear the discussion on “electroshock” and “problems of the future”. The conversation centred on whether electroshock can treat things like “insulin shock” or if “some other drug techniques” will be used in future.