15 Terrifying things that were found in time capsules…

12. Granddad’s spooky message

This young man found a note in his grandmother’s ceramics room that was stowed away many years ago by his granddad. One of the cabinets revealed a false bottom and a safe box beneath it. Grandmother did not seem to know anything about the safe box and encouraged her grandchild to open it somehow. Young man opened it using a chisel. Inside was a time capsule left by his late granddad.
A line from Dante’s “Inferno” was carved into the front of the box: “Abandon All Regret ye Who Enter Here.” Inside he found a satchel with Chinese calligraphy on it, which translates as “Double Happiness”. The pouch contained a pen, small plastic box, a suede pouch, and a miniature lamp, however, the spooky letter scared the young man so much that he gave the rest of the time capsule to his grandma to explore.