15 Terrifying things that were found in time capsules…

13. The letter foretelling 20th Century misfortunes

The following time capsule was discovered in a lemonade bottle from 1935, containing a note. It was found in 2016 in UK by construction workers working on a piece of stonework at Southampton Guildhall, city’s Civic Center.
The letter contained some gloomy predictions of dark times ahead. It had names of Stanley Jeffery, George Groves and Fred Pearce, noticing that, “Mussolini threatens war”. Scary letter was composed on the back of a cigarette pack using a pencil. Onward investigation demonstrated that the letter referred to the so-called Abyssinia Crisis, with Mussolini dismissing League of Nations’ peace treaty just one day prior to the letter. Letter was right to predict Mussolini’s rise to power.