15 Terrifying things that were found in time capsules…

14. The letter to the “Socialist Society” of tomorrow

In 2012, a time capsule was found in Russia just below one of many Lenin’s statues, it contained a message for the “Socialist Society of 2024”. Surprisingly, it was discovered exactly 33 years after it was put beneath the ground. Presumably, young members of Soviet Komsomol placed time capsule there in 1970s. The eerie note was written by hand on a piece of paper and positively claimed that anyone that reads it would still be a communist and that authors have no pity for themselves as they are sure that “future” society members would be much better than them.
The note also commended communist heroes. During Soviet times, it was a widespread practice among Russian people to bury time capsules below Lenin’s monuments. It is assumed that the capsule was buried there celebrating Komsomol’s 55th anniversary and renaming organization after Lenin, officially becoming the “Russian Leninist Young Communist League”.