15 Terrifying things that were found in time capsules…

2. Possible serial killer’s haul

While going around the wood with a metal detector, a man made a gruesome discovery of a time capsule that looked very much like serial killer’s haul. Plastic wrapped package included girly items like pictures, clothing items, stuffed toy, a camera and a pendant from 2003 “Girls Pee Wee” softball. The man had an eerie feeling about this as he struggled to “imagine that a girl could come out here alone and just bury her belongings“, so he took them to a nearby police station.
Serial killers are famous for keeping and hiding away tokens reminding them of their victims. The man was not too hopeful that he would hear back from the local sheriff, however, they did get back to him. According to police, the items were likely to be memorabilia, stating that this is a populated area and generally a bad spot for hiding trophies. Yet police is still testing those objects for DNA to see if they match to any of their open cases.