15 Terrifying things that were found in time capsules…

3. A mother in the freezer

A woman in North Carolina was unfortunate to buy a freezer from her neighbour for $30. At the time of the purchase, neighbour mentioned that the freezer is used as a time capsule. Upon opening the freezer, to her horror, woman found remains of a dead body inside. Woman filed a claim with the police and the body inside was later identified as neighbour’s own mother. Clearly traumatized woman later on gave a comment on local news, asking “She sold me her frozen mother for $30. How do you do something like that?”
The woman remembered that she had not seen neighbour’s mother for some time, but the neighbour claimed that her mother left the town right after selling the freezer-turned-time-capsule. The neighbour even went on to lie that she was going to West Virginia to pay her mother a visit in a retirement home.