15 Victims Who Fell In Love With Their Kidnapper…

6. Mary McElroy – Suicide Feeling Guilt For Her Captors

Mary McElroy’s story is a popular example of “Stockholm syndrome”. Back in 1933 four kidnappers took her away right from her father’s house, where she was taking a bath. The men demanded 60,000 USD in return for her release, then agreed for $30,000. Her captivity lasted few days only and Mary was not harmed. Kidnappers were arrested, but McElroy got so charmed and felt such compassion for her kidnappers that she started to struggle for their freedom and committed suicide after years feeling guilt of their imprisonment. She said in her suicide note: “My four kidnappers are probably the four people on earth who don’t consider me an utter fool. You have your death penalty now – so – please – give them a chance. Mary.”