15 Victims Who Fell In Love With Their Kidnapper…


Human psychology is an immense and never ending, surprising field for research. And one of most intriguing and bizarre parts of it is the psychology of kidnapping victims. Kidnapping is an act of abducting someone and holding them captive, and obviously is one of the hardest crimes that people can commit. Captives lose their freedom, sense of control, and their lives are shattered forever, even if they are successfully liberated. There are cases when captors have kept their victims for many years, or for a few days, but the enormous psychological stress occurs nevertheless. Psychological defeat caused by such stress causes various effects, sometimes hardly explainable.
For example, Stockholm Syndrome – one of the most famous, when the kidnapping victim starts feeling empathic and supportive towards the captor. It even happens that people fall in love with their captors while getting abducted, or get involved emotionally so much that become feeling like a part of the captors’ family or ideology. Shockingly that happens more often than you might think. Here is a list of 15 famous emotional kidnapping stories.