15 Creepiest Places on Google Street View…


The number one on this list is the Aokigahara Suicide Forest of Japan. If you have been wondering where could be the number one suicide spot in the world, Aokigahara is the place. There is a Japanese myth that believes the forest hosts the spirit of the dead; and another thing is that this forest gives its visitors signs why they should think twice before taking their own lives.

In the year 2002, 78 people dead bodies were discovered in the forest, and the number increased to more than 100 in 2003. This place is often referred to as “the perfect place to die”.

The number of dead bodies discovered in this place was so high that the Japanese government had to stop making the number of dead bodies found known to the general public. A group of volunteers that clean the forest discover nothing less than 70 dead bodies each year.