15 Creepiest Places on Google Street View…


You can be on your couch and Google Street View will give you insights into where you have not been to, and the chance to visit those places. I mean horrible places such as deserted cities, abandoned military base, regions where tens of thousands of people were killed mercilessly, places that were once flourishing but now a desert.

From the comfort of your home, you have the pleasure to visit the Japanese forest Aokigahara located at the foot of Mount Fiji. This forest is regarded as the most deadly suicide spot in Japan, although people who want to explore Mount Fiji do go there and the forest is a calm place.

The next one is the Hashima Island, a fortress-like island surrounded by seawall which was wholly deserted. This island was once the most populated in the world in 1959; it is a pity that the city is now a ghost town with no inhabitant for over 40 years now.

In a small village known as Nagoro, an old lady here makes dolls as big as human anytime people leave the town or they pass on to the other side of the world. These dolls are so copious in one island on Teshuilo Lake in Xochimilco canals, Mexico. If you like things like scary dolls, this is where you might want to be; and they were made by none other than Julian Satanna as a tribute to her only daughter who drowned in a river.

If you have the mind you can try going to Alaska near the Buckner Building or better still try to figure your way to Dalton Highway; you will be convinced. If you need creepier places then you should probably go to the killing tree found at Choeung Ek or check out “Gate of Death”.

Other dangerous places include New Jersey’s Camden or El Bronx in Colombia. The scariest of all are Aleppo of Syria and the Pripyat of Ukraine.