14 Horrible Disasters Which Were Almost Ignored In Historical Records


6. The Disaster That Never Happened

There is an architectural building in Manhattan named Citigroup Center. It happens that, forty years back, the building experienced a hurricane and it was only after 20 years when people got to know about it. It was constructed in 1977 having a height of 59 stories. Diane Hartley, an engineering student happened to question the building’s structure as she felt that the stilts and corners weren’t perfectly installed. Those in power back then dismissed her queries saying that she knew totally nothing about what she was saying. However, after some investigations, it was discovered that the joints weren’t welded but rather bolted and didn’t have the strength to endure the effects of the strong winds that happened during hurricanes. The building was immediately evacuated and repairs began. Hurricane Ellis occurred prior to the building completion causing a replacement of up to 10-block radius nearby the building. The good news is, the hurricane’s effects didn’t reach the building and they were able to quickly fix the problems that the original constructor had made.