14 Horrible Disasters Which Were Almost Ignored In Historical Records


8. Abandonment Of Hurricane Katrina Prisoners

The hurricane Katrina still remains among the deadliest tragedies in the world’s history. The happenings and aftermath of the hurricane disaster are all known to us. Some information about the disaster wasn’t told though. The disaster didn’t just kill more than 2000 people and leave thousands displaced but also caused damages worth over 100 billion dollars. But do you know there is information about prisoners in the hurricane Katrina tragedy that was kept top secret? The prison name was Templeman III and it is believed that after the water floods become extreme, all those in the prison except the prisoners made their way out successfully. More than 600 prisoners were left inside the waterlogged cells with no food and water. The prisoners were submerged in the sewage and water. Though they had placed hanging signs asking for help, they were only saved four days later.