14 Horrible Disasters Which Were Almost Ignored In Historical Records


10. The Cemfjord Sinking

The Cemfjord, a cargo ship registered with the Cyprus was water-logged in January 2015. It capsized due to the violent weather and ended up killing 8 crew members. It is said that if at all the captain sought-after shelter, the tragedy couldn’t have occurred. Reports say that the weather was extremely bad and there weren’t any good reasons for them to continue with the journey. The tragedy happened very quickly making it impossible for the crew to call for help. Many believe that if there was adequate passage planning, the tragedy couldn’t have happened. The unexpected changes are all blamed to the extreme tidal stream and gale force winds. For the master to have taken Cemfjord to the Pentland Firth while the weather was so unwelcoming, it’s likely he was swayed by his desire to succed or or even commercial pressures.