14 Horrible Disasters Which Were Almost Ignored In Historical Records


12. The Kyshtym Disaster

We are all worried and concerned about the happening of nuclear disasters. But how surprised will you be if you discover that a nuclear tragedy actually happened in the 1950s and was kept a top secret? It did happen and experts consider it the biggest in the world’s history so they called it Kyshtym. In those years, there was a plant for processing nuclear materials ideal for making weapons-grade plutonium in the Soviet Union Ural Mountains. It was widely known and often feared as it acted as the disposal site for radioactive waste which was originally dumped in the Techa River. Sometime in 1957, the plant experienced cooling systems failure and it happened no one noticed it. This led to an explosion of the waste tank which released toxic radioactive materials into the air. 270,000 suffered the effects of the radioactive materials. In a village near the mountain, out of the 5000 people exposed to the radiation, 300 died and others suffered cancer infection. This tragic event remained a secret as the Soviets didn’t disclose the event’s happenings to anyone.