14 Horrible Disasters Which Were Almost Ignored In Historical Records


1. Guatemala Earthquake

A 7.5 magnitude earthquake is believed to have occurred in 1976 and ended up leveling most parts of the Guatemala City. It was partially ignored by the media since it didn’t cause much deaths and destruction as the Italian earthquake which occurred at exactly the same time. The moment hit news headlines; it got only one-third coverage when compared to other earthquakes. The Guatemala earthquake alone is believed to have made 23,000 lives to be lost. This earthquake didn’t only cause more deaths compared to other earthquakes but also lead millions to be left homeless. When it started, it spread in a matter of minutes all over the city. As people were enjoying their sleep, they were severely crushed and killed as their buildings were very weak compared to the strength of the earthquake. After the information hit news headlines, specialists began rescuing people in the midst of the rubble. Most of those who were rescued had broken backs and pelvises.