14 Horrible Disasters Which Were Almost Ignored In Historical Records


4. Volcano Vesuvius Was A Murderer

The eruption of volcano Vesuvius has been happening for centuries. It, however, erupted distastefully in 1631. The volcano has been sprinkling its neighborhoods with ash and volcano for all those years. Pompeii is a serious tragedy that didn’t equal a volcano. While Vesuvius is less powerful compared to Pompeii, it ended up causing the loss of 6000 lives. It was an apocalypse that took three days leading to the formation of earthquakes, rocks raining, poisonous gases, and tsunamis. This occurrence describes a real hell on earth as people really suffered before they died. Even with so many casualties, Volcano Vesuvius got minimal media coverage. Some preserved footprints moving out of the site were discovered which are used to prove that some people managed to escape the tragedy. Irrespective of whether people escaped or not, chances are they were badly hurt by the time they made their way out.