14 Horrible Disasters Which Were Almost Ignored In Historical Records


5. The New Orleans Curse

New Orleans is a fascinating destination for many. It sets the mood for an amazing party time and culture discovery. It is also the perfect place to go when in search of great gumbo and ready to explore the alligator and witch mysteries. Many disasters occurred in New Orleans prior to the occurrence of Hurricane Katrina although they never got media coverage. One horrible disaster happened in 1788. People called it the Great Conflagration of New Orleans as it left the city submerged. In less than 5 hours, more than 800 buildings were seriously burnt among which included, local church, jail, French Quarter, and army barracks. It’s like fire outbreaks had become a curse in New Orleans as most of the property left during the first fire were burnt down in the 1794 fire outbreak. Fire outbreaks didn’t just end there as they continued in 1816, 1866, and 1919.