14 Horrible Disasters Which Were Almost Ignored In Historical Records


It’s obvious. Every historical disaster ought to get some media coverage. How on earth can a catastrophic event that leaves people seriously injured physically and mentally not make the news? Such instances happen quite often though. Social media has played a critical role in proving how difficult it is for some news to go viral and others to be totally ignored. It will surprise you to realize that a number of the most horrible disasters that left the world in shock didn’t go viral. Some were even not told about. It’s quite ironical how the media works considering how common news events are chosen over tragic events. There is oversaturation in the media something which has led to the desertion of weighty historical events. Many other reasons make these stories ignored altogether. It could be that such disasters weren’t so serious and other news events were aired in their place. It could as well be that such disasters happened at the exact time similar and bigger disasters happened and airing them instead was deemed unwise. No matter the reasons though, lots of disasters aren’t aired and they end up being forgotten quite easily..

14. Trapped Sailors In Pearl Harbour

The Pearl Harbour attack wasn’t a secret and it happened to be one of those historical tragedies in the United States that left the media in dire shock. Some terrible facts about the results of the attack were, however, hidden from the public. The attack brought about many deaths and massive property destruction. It is believed that more than 2,400 people lost their lives and 19 ships got damaged following the attack. One loathing incidence that wasn’t aired but I somehow trust it considering how long it took for the information to be aired is that the U.S.S West Virginia was one of the ships wrecked. While saving the wreck, the crew is said to have heard banging sounds originating from the hull of the ship which left them really shocked. While most of the mariners believed those to be ghosts, it was later revealed that those making the noises where actually men stuck in the wreck. It is said that two weeks after the attack, there were still hopeless sailors stuck inside the ship. Six months down the line, the ship was raised and three bodies of dead men were discovered.