12 Rare Historical Photos From Philadelphia, 1900 – 1940…


West Chester Railroad Station, 1930.

Nowadays, Betsy Ross’s story has been scrutinized, but in 1909, her home was noted as the birthplace of our Country’s flag.

City Hall has remained mostly unchanged since it was finished.1937,

This barber shop on the corner of 19th and Bainbridge, shown here in 1937, is now the location of the Foreign Mission Board.

Do you recognize the location of this shuttered factory, shown here in 1938?

South Broad Street has always been a popular spot for political ads. Check out this one from 1938.

Grocery prices were so much lower in 1939!

South Philly and its iconic rowhomes. Here they are shortly after completion in October, 1941.

This was a common scene in Philadelphia in 1942 – troops re-enlisting to fight for our country.

Fairmont Park hasn’t changed all that much since this photo was taken in 1943.

Whatever happened to the Burpee Seed warehouse on York Ave?

Shibe Park, A.K.A. Connie Mack Stadium! It preceded the Vet and Citizen’s Bank Park for our lovable Philadelphia Phillies.