12 million followers: 32 photos of an ordinary personal trainer Amanda Lee turned Instagram sensation…


The gorgeous canadian fitness model, Amanda Elise Lee, is a social media sensation who rose to fame by posting workout videos on her Instagram page.
Once a subconsious teengager, Amanda is now a fully qualified pilates instructor, personal trainer and a swimsuit model with a slim, curvaceous figure & millions of instagram followers!
She is quickly becoming a leader in the world of fitness and fashion.
Amanda was born on December 13th 1986. She has four siblings and is the second oldest of the five.
Her mother was also a fitness fanatic, working as a personal trainer and instructor and so keeping healthy has always been a key factor of Amanda’s life. It was, however, only after she began High School that Amanda took an active interest and began working out at the gym. Amanda revealed that she once saw herself as skinny and scrawny, weighing only 98 lb, and that her appearance made her shy. Working out was a huge confidence builder for the teenage girl. After High School Amanda enrolled at Sarah Lawrence College and began studying Modern Dance.
Determined to further improve her already trim physique, Amanda moved onto more intense workouts training with weights under her mother’s encouragement.