The special edition: Patricia Arquette (40+photos)

Patricia Arquette (1968) is an American actress. She made her film debut as Kristen Parker in Chuck Russell’s A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987). Her notable films include Tony Scott’s True Romance (1993), Tim Burton’s Ed Wood (1994), David O. Russell’s

Body And Soul: art by Hamish Blakely (30+ photos)

Blakely was born in Canterbury in 1968 and developed an interest in art from an early age. He studied illustration at Wimbledon School of Art and completed his degree at Kingston University shortly after which he became a professional illustrator. During this time his

Genevieve Naylor in Brazil (1940-1943) (20+ photos)

In 1940, 25-year-old Genevieve Naylor, who had recently become one of the first female photographers hired by the Associated Press, received an assignment from the U.S. State Department to travel to Brazil. With the war between the Axis and Allied powers expanding into a

Hassan Hajjaj’s All-Girl Moroccan Biker Gang (10 photos)

Photographer Hassan Hajjaj‘s latest project focuses on the sub culture of young women bikers from Marrakesh. Titled the “Kesh Angels”, he created striking images of groups of women wearing colorful veils and djellabah straddling worn scooters and motorbikes. They represent something quite traditional, yet

Hyper-Realistic Paintings by Omar Ortiz (30+ pics)

Omar Ortiz was born in 1977 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico where he still lives. Since he was a boy he has been interested in drawing and illustration. He studied for a degree in Graphic Design, where he learned different techniques such as hand drawing,